Dark Nights Metal by Scott Snyder w/ Greg Capullo’s artwork

dark nights


Dark Nights Metal #5 hit the comic book stands today and as expected, the multi-covered book was selling out everywhere. If you don’t plan on making it to your friendly neighborhood comic book shop until the week end, you may well be out of luck on this issue.

Dark Nights Metal is a complex tale and at the heart of it the Batman. But to say it is only a Batman story does it a great disservice. In fact I would not call it a Justice League story either, it is a restructuring of the DC Universe with a terrifying glimpse into its darker side.

dark nights 2

The cover of book #5 features Wonder Woman through many of the variants but let’s not kid ourselves about who is the real main attraction here. It is the Batman who laughs. This hybrid of Bruce Wayne and the Joker, with his chains of rabid robins held to his lease. This is Batman via Hellraiser. This is a darkness that the Dark Knight could never exist in.

The Justice League is falling piece by piece and they are being slaughtered in a bloody mess. Will book #6 bring a good over evil  solution or will it instead bring in a new night for the DC Universe? One thing for certain, the DC Universe may never recover from a Scott Snyder allowed to run wild.

A terrific series that lives up to the hype!


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