Jimmy’s Bastards by Garth Ennis

jimmy's bastards


Jimmy’s Bastards by Garth Ennis is the kind of tongue in cheek, warped vision of cultural icons that Ennis is a master at perverting. Its funny, violent and with just a touch of social consciousness that will make you smirk at every James Bond movie you ever watched.

Jimmy Regent is Britain’s super-spy. Even though modern times may have cast a sardonic eye upon Jimmy’s misogynistic ways, Jimmy was immune to the critique. He had a license to kill and charm that no woman seemed able to resist. But with a new partner, who seemed bent on resisting Jimmy, there seemed to be a change in the air.

jimmy's bastards2

With London under attack, Jimmy must save the day. But what he finds at the root of the intrigue is his own irresponsibility, come home to roost.

There are two words that make up all the reason you need to read this comic. Garth. Ennis. If the popularity of the comic and then TV show; Preacher, have not hooked you yet then obviously you cannot recognize genius when it stares back at you. Garth Ennis is the Abyss, stare into it and let him stare back.

jimmy's bastards4

Jimmy’s Bastards is for every guy out there whose girl was dumb enough to love Bond. See! See! See what a pathetic ass he really is! Not that this ever helped. But here Jimmy Regent is, getting his comeuppance! Because really, British Super spies do not use condoms!

Jimmy’s Bastards is fun, ridiculous and just more than a little bit of pure genius. Don’t miss it!

jimmy's bastards3


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