Magnus: Between Two Worlds by Kyle Higgins

Magnus: Between Two Worlds by Kyle Higgins is one of the comics that makes you forget you are reading a comic and not, instead, holding in your hands a science fiction novel that helped to shape and warp your childhood. Like the best in science fiction, this is at heart a morality tale. Does greed overshadow doing the right thing. As in case of slavery in the past, does the AI robot have any rights of its own. What happens when humanity loses its…humanity.

AI beings work alongside human beings, more servants than equals but with many of the same perks. Once of which is vacation time. But where do robots go on vacation? To a digital universe where they have families and children and a home of their own. A universe without humans. But this digital world has had another effect on AIs. A desire to make it real. A desire to have their own lives and families and rights.

When AI’s lose their place in the world, they are taken to Magus, a human psychologist who knows how to navigate between the flesh and blood world and into the world where the AI’s live. She helps them cope and learn to adjust back to the reality of the human world. But she has had other talents as well. She was a hunter once. Someone who went into the AI world and forcibly brought them back into the human world to pay for their misdeeds.

Now the government needs her to do it again. There is a rogue AI who has killed a human and may be planning an even more horrifying act. An act of AI terrorism. Can Magus find the AI and bring him in on time, or worse, how does she deal with the conflicting sense that perhaps he has a point.

This is a really good story and a very fresh take on Magnus the Robot Fighter of the past. This new female Magus understands the angst and pain of the AIs and sees them as far more than the shell of servitude that they represent. But her thinking is far different than others and the concept that the robots could feel any emotion is beyond the realization of the rest of her world. Magnus knows this vacation world very well, having lived there herself for a time. A human girl trapped in the world of artificial intelligence.

At what point is an artificial intelligence its own sentient being? Science Fiction writers have wrestled with this concept for ages. Asimov and Clarke. Blade Runner to Terminator. Robots becoming beings. When does human rights become, universal right?

A terrifically written comic. This one should not be missed!


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