Bloodshot: Salvation

Bloodshot Salvation Vol. 1: The Book of Revenge by Jeff Lemire picks up from where Bloodshot Reborn leaves off and just kicks the story into another gear. Visceral and bloody and just overall a trip into the darker recesses of mankind. Bloodshot may not be a character his original writers recognize any longer and that is just fine. Because this one brings so much more to the table than just the autocratic soldier assassin.

Ray Garrison is done being Bloodshot and looking forward to the one thing he thought he would never have an opportunity to have. A family. But the past has a way of coming for the things you love and now Ray has to turn back into the thing he was to save his family.


Ray must battle Magic’s estranged family and their hold on her. He must also deal with the fear that they will want his child as well. A family inbred and violent, Ray must face them to free Magic and his child. But while he is gone, the government is figuring out that the nanobots have passed from Ray to his child and they now want the child Bloodshot.


Lemire writes with dark and perverted abandon and in doing so tells a story that is as compelling as it is revolting. This is not the Bloodshot of generations pass. This is a new, dirtier Bloodshot that will leave you wanting much much more!

A terrific comic that will have the reader always looking for more!

bloodshot 4

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