Deadpool vs Old Man Logan



Under the label of comics you are not reading but should be, is Deadpool vs Old Man Logan. This is a book that is perfect for Deadpool fans and gives that irreverent jolt that Old Man Logan has been needing for sometime. While Deadpool and Logan have paired before, as teammates and adversaries; it has never been quite like this.

There is an Omega level mutant that has just surfaced and Logan is sent to find and protect. Only there is also a shadow agency searching for her as well. Her powers, which she has yet to control have the capacity to be world ending. Logan is ready though and able to keep her from the shadow agency out to get her. Only he didn’t count on Deadpool.


Deadpool wants to help but Logan wants no part of him. That of course, won’t do so now Deadpool needs to prove to Logan and everyone else that he can take care of the young mutant and protect her. Only it doesn’t quite go that way and now the two mutants must team up to protect her, but is protecting her what they should do at all?


Okay, the artwork is not the greatest and the story is not the greatest, but this is absolutely a great comic for those who just take comics too seriously. Because that is what Deadpool is and what has endeared him to our hearts when if we take a good look at it; there really isn’t anything about Deadpool to like.

Old Man Logan is the perfect foil. All he is missing is a “Get Off My Lawn!!” shirt.


Together they make for a really good comic.

And yes, there is this awesome new mutant too!


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