Xorn – a forgotten mutant



For all those who cry foul over M Day, there are those of us who applaud and appreciate  the culling of the mutants. Here comes exhibit A, Xorn.

Xorn first appeared in the New X-Men Annual 2001 as an imprisoned mutant held by the Chinese Government who then sells him to John Sublime. Xorn must wear a skull like mask designed to restrain his energy because he basically has a small sun for a brain. Despondent, Xorn attempts to commit suicide by removing his mask but that would in turn destroy the Earth so he is stopped by the X-Men and Sublime’s U-Men. Cyclops and Emma Frost offer Xorn a home with the X-Men but he disappears. He is later found by Cyclops to be hiding among a group of monks that say that Xorn has healing powers. Xorn even restores Professor X’s ability to walk. Xorn is also one of the very few mutants that Professor X cannot read their minds, since if he tried he would be blinded by the sun beneath the mask.


In time it is discovered that Xorn is actually Magneto who has been thought to be dead since the destruction of Genosha. It turns out that all of the existence of Xorn was actually a ruse. Consider a badly developed and played out version of the Usual Suspects. Even Xavier had not been healed either, just nanbot fusing his spine together. Magneto goes nuts on everyone and levels the X-Mansion and New York City.


But the dual identity takes its toll on Magneto and he begins to feel Xorn manifest himself in his mind. This madness creates an ultra violent Magneto, mutant deaths and the final act of beserker rage by Wolverine in which he decapitates Magneto.

So one must ask, was there ever a Xorn?






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