Monday’s Mutant is ForgetMeNot



Monday’s Mutant is ForgetMeNot. Can’t remember him, that’s okay because that is what his mutant power is, the ability to be forgotten. It is impossible for ForgetMeNot to be noticed by either his friends or his foes. This enabled him to be the perfect covert agent because he could infiltrate anyplace and his presence would not be noticed or remembered. Professor X placed a psychic reminder in his own mind to remember ForgetMeNot’s existence once every hour. But upon Professor X’s death it was lost.



ForgetMeNot first appears in X-Men #300 in 2014 when he comes to the aid of a young girl who is trapped by the defenses of the Jean Grey School. He tells her his story and how over time he had played a major role in the history of the X-Men, only to be forgotten. He eventually takes her place and frees her, stating that over time the mechanical defenses of the School will simply forget about him and he will go free. ForgetMeNot patrols the grounds of the School, looking after its students but unnoticed by all.


ForgetMeNot went on to join X-Force and then to slide into obscurity. Forgotten.





Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella



Hack/Slash vs. Vampirella by Shawn Aldridge is another in a long recent list of Vampirella team ups and I have to begin to wonder why. Are we looking to give exposure to lesser known comic book characters or (and I find this very hard to believe) is Vampirella losing her popularity?

Cassie Hack and her partner Vlad take a long overdue vacation in Sin City and stumble upon a serial killer! This killer is ripping her victims (all male) to shreds and leaving a bloody mess in her wake. They meet the legendary Vampirella and team up to find the killer who is known as the Queen of Hearts. What follows is pretty standard fare for this kind of comic. Plenty of well drawn and imaginative female body parts and an overdose of violence and blood.


I don’t have an issue with this at all, let’s get real this is what comic books started with. But what I find somewhat annoying is that this is solely what the book has to offer. This is pretty low brow and with the better Vampirella books, she was never low brow.

I love Vampirella books, but this one is a pass.


Lady Mechanika, Vol. 5: Clockwork Assassin – Joe Benitez

Lady Mechanika, Vol. 5: Clockwork Assassin is another great addition to Joe Benitez and his run on this book. You will be blown away by the artwork but what Benitez does so well here is tell the story. Each tale in the mythos that is Lady Mechanika adds to the overall brilliance of these books. Clockwork Assassin is a strong addition to the growth of this terrific character.

Lady Mechanika lives in a Steampunk England and her body has been experimented on to the point that her enhancements have given her speed and strength. She is more cyborg than human but still searches for her humanity. Her friend Mr. Lewis is an engineer/scientists whose past is finally coming to roost as mistakes and regrets have deadly consequences.


An old friend and colleague of Mr. Lewis is brutally murdered by a female assassin. An assassin who resembles Lady Mechanika. As more of Lewis’ old workmates are killed he must reveal secrets of himself and his past to clear Lady Mechanika and help find the killer. But what he doesn’t realize is that he too is scheduled to be killed by the Clockwork Assassin!

The brilliant and beautiful artwork will draw you into these books, Benitez also does the pencilling on these books, but it is the story itself that will keep you turning the pages and buying up the next books in line. Benitez is in full control here and the tales of mystery and thrills will make a fan of anyone who picks up these books.


Because these are Steampunk in genre, some readers may pass them by but that is a mistake. These are damn good comics and I highly recommend the read!


Throwback Thursday – Dr. Fate


dr fate

Today’s Throwback Thursday character is DC Comics Dr. Fate.

Fate was created by Gardner Fox and Howard Sherman and first appeared in More Fun Comics back in May of 1940. Though over the years he has been several different individuals, his original alter ego was the son of Archaeologist Sven Nelson, Kent Nelson. While on an expedition in the Valley of Ur, the duo explore a previously undiscovered temple where Kent opens the tomb of Nabu the Wise, releasing a toxic gas which kills his father. The spirit of Nabu takes pity on young Kent and grants him the helmet, amulet, and cloak that makes him a sorcerer known as Dr. Fate. Kent Nelson returns to the United States and begins to fight crime and supernatural evil as Dr. Fate, setting up his headquarters in a tower in Salem, Massachusetts.

dr fate3

As Dr. Fate, Kent becomes a founding member of the Justice Society of America, a precursor to what would be the Justice League. But Kent has an on again and off again relationship with Dr. Fate. He feels that the spirit of Nabu often possesses him when he dons the helmet and cloak. Instead he chooses to live his own life, becoming a doctor, an archaeologist like his father, and even enlisting in the army to serve as a paratrooper. All without the aide of Dr. Fate. This probably has to do with the death of his father upon the discovery of Nabu and the magical powers of Dr. Fate.

dr fate4

Others have taken the mantle of Dr. Fate through the years and with the various reboots by DC Comics. But overall the character has never really taken hold. Unlike Marvel’s Dr. Strange, who came along twenty years after the creation of Dr. Fate by DC; Dr. Fate never seemed to be a presence in the DC Universe. Though he is featured in the Dark Nights: Metal event, being killed by Black Adam as he fought alongside the Justice League in issue #4.

So here’s to Doctor Fate, a secondary character that laid the groundwork for much of the current DC Universe, but like too many other characters of his age, forgotten by the current storylines. Except as another dead body.

dr fate2