Beef Ribs in Red Chile Sauce

beef 1

Men who can’t cook. Really. The days when women did all the cooking are long gone. You would be lucky to find a woman who has Pizza Hut on speed dial. No, today, as in days past, men need to cook for themselves. Plus if you are trying to impress a woman, cook her a meal. A real meal. Use more than the grill. Actually use some spices and a pot or two. Here’s an easy one for you.

Beef Ribs in Red Chile Sauce.

Like most of my dishes, this starts when finding a good deal at the market on the main course. This time it was beef ribs. Get a sauté pan on high heat with a little olive oil and season the beef with salt and pepper only. Be liberal with the seasoning but only salt and pepper. There will be plenty of seasoning, dry and wet in the meal. You can do this dish in a large pot but I’m using a crockpot this time so I will sear the ribs in the sauté pan first. If you are using a big pot just sear them in the pot itself.

beef 2   beef three

While you are searing the meat, chop up one onion, one long green hatch chili (you can use the chili pepper of your choice) and garlic. Then make a mix of the following spices. Garlic salt, black pepper, salt, Italian seasoning, paprika and cumin. Layer the onions in the bottom of the crock pot and then stack the ribs in a round, think Stonehenge. Peppers and garlic on top and then the spices. Once all the ribs are in the pot, pour red chili sauce over the top. You can make it yourself but that is another recipe and blog, but you can find a nice can of Las Palmas Red Chili Sauce at the market. Do not mistake the Red Chili Sauce for Enchilada Sauce, they are different! If you cannot find Las Palmas at your local market, then go to a different market.

beef four   beef six

Heat on high for three hours in crockpot, then drop to low for four more hours. The meat will be fall off the bone tender and infused with the sauce. You will be able to remove all the bones easily.

beef seven  beef eight

You can enjoy the beef with a side of beans and rice or even inside of tacos and topping tostadas. This is easy to do and tastier than ordering out. The crockpot allows you to do other things through out the day without having to be tied to the meal.

It also has the added Man benefit of being Beef!!