Batman Annual #2 by Tom King

date nights


Batman Annual #2 by Tom King is a fabulous read. What it does best is that it brings to bear the humanity behind the mask. Whether it be a bat or a cat. The problem with Annuals is that they far too often are not part of continuity of the storyline and Batman Annual #2 by Tom King stays true to that. But for those following Batman, the romance between Catwoman and Batman has taken center stage as has their impending wedding. King has handled this masterfully. From the introduction to Lois Lane and Superman, to the visit to Talia Ah Ghul, the mother of his son. King has infused this event with all the emotion and fear that accompanies any relationship that becomes serious enough to turn to marriage.

date nights 2

Batman Annual #2 takes us from the first date to the final day and the death of Bruce Wayne. Not by some evil villain, but illness in his old age that finally takes him. It is a story told with tenderness as Selina watches the man she loved, the Batman begin to waste away. You begin to see that it was an incredible love that held them together.

This is not your typical Batman story, there is no Joker and no Riddler and no great threat to Gotham city. It is just the Bat and the Cat. Just Bruce and Selina.

King tells this tale very well and for those who love the Batman, it is one not to be missed.

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